Saturday, 10 August 2013

From mountain pastures to lakes: Berchtesgaden Day 2

Having used the first day of our short and spontaneous holiday in Berchtesgaden, nestled in the Bavarian Alps, to get used to walking in mountainous areas once more, our second day was spent on the high pastures of the Jenner. There's a cable car leading up to the middle and the top of the mountain, but when we saw the prices, we decided to instead take the bus to Hinterbrandt and walk up to the mid-station (only takes about 10 minutes).

A beautiful trail took us along the slope of the mountain Jenner, rewarding us with great views over the Berchtesgaden valley.

At the Königsbachalm, an alpine hut, we had some hearty pea soup to lend us strength for the next leg of today's tour. 

My lovely sister :) By the way, you can read her account of our trip here on her blog (in German)

From the alpine hut, the trail soon entered the forest, and on small zigzag paths we descended until we reached the Königssee, the King's Lake.
A first glimpse of the Königssee and the famous St.Bartolomä (Saint Bartholomew Church)

These boats are powered by electric motors

Butterflies love salt, especially on my sister's feet :)

After a relaxing break on the banks of the lake, we took the boat to Schönau and from there walked a bit further along a stream until we reached the bus stop. Not long after, we were finally home.

Evening view from our balcony

Lake/Mountain Panorama

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