Sunday, 29 March 2015

Home sweet home

I have moved - here are the pictures...

View on Arthur's Seat from the street in front of my house

The kitchen

(will need to get a proper bin to get rid of that green bin bag)

My fledgling herb collection
And the tea collection (the box is going to be filled with ingredients for loose tea, like lavender, apple pieces, etc)
The bedroom...

... with walk-in closet (needs a bit of work)
The bathroom (with a lovely big bathtub, haven't had one in years)

The stairs to the living room (modified bookshelf)
Relaxation & plant corner (please note the 3 remote controlled candles - got them for a quid at the charity shop) - although the plants are still seeds)

Living room
 My amazing bureau!
Darwin's new kingdom - with tipi

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