Sunday, 4 October 2015

A weekend in the Cairngorms - Day 1

I decided to leave the city for the weekend after my birthday and escape to the highlands. I spent two amazing days in the Cairngorms - taking the train up to Aviemore and staying at Cairngorm Lodge youth hostel.

From Aviemore train station, I walked to Lynwilg (using part of the new Speyside Way extension) before climbing Geal-charn Mor (824m) - the Big White Hill - a short but beautiful hike. Hundreds of young pheasants watched my every move, as did some very curious sheep. 

I had never seen a sign like that before: 

Spot the pheasants!

 I can never get enough of heather:

The mountain is getting rougher:

The views are getting better by the minute:

I've made it!

Someone seems a little confused by my outburst:

 One last time...

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