Saturday, 23 March 2013

Maple sugar shack

Last weekend, my great-aunt took me to a cabane au sucre, a maple sugar shack, where maple syrup is made. It was a pretty amazing (and sweet) experience, something truly Canadian.

The maple sap is collected in those buckets. 40 litres of this liquid is required to make one litre of maple syrup.
Drop by drop, the sap comes out of the tree.
Every tree has its own distinct flavour. And believe me, we tried them all.
In the cabana, they offered an amazing buffet of different foods, most of them contained maple syrup (amazing: baked beans with maple syrup). And for desert: pancakes :)
After the ride in the sled, we needed some warming-up in front of the fire place.
This is maple taffy. Thick maple syrup is poured onto snow, then you take a stick and turn it until you have a nice big amount of frozen maple syrup. Very very sticky, very very sweet.
The cabana, as seen from the horse sled.

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