Friday, 31 May 2013

Black forest canyons (Gorge Trail 2)

The second leg of the gorge trail really lived up to the way's name. Steep canyons, murmuring streams, high cliffs, stone steps with safety ropes, and always, sometimes close and sometimes very far below, the river Wutach.
After an hour or so after leaving the village of Achdorf, where I had spent the night, I met two men walking the same route as I. I had overtaken them yesterday, but this day I joined them, and we walked together for most of the day. The older one used to be a forester in another part of the black forest, and he told us a great deal about the different plants, especially trees, that we encountered on our walking tour.
Even though this second leg of the way was shorter than the first one, it took a great deal longer to complete because the path went continuously up and down, and never seemed to use the shortest route available. Still, it was one of the most beautiful days of the trip, even though the weather wasn't the best.

Info Day 2
Length: 18 km
Towns: Achdorf
AccommodationPension Schattenmühle, Schattenmühle (20€)

A "pit stop" for walkers 
Inside: coffee, drinks, fruit for a pay-what-you-like contribution

An old millwheel along the way

Cows :)

The forest is not yet black

After this saw mill the path descended into the actual gorge
Anyone want to tell me what flower this is?

A pillar fir tree, something pretty rare that my forester walking companion pointed out to me.
The path is getting smaller, the stone walls steeper 

A stone pyramid, for good luck.

One of many interesting bridges along the way. 
The path is getting more and more exposed, from time to time there are ropes and handrails for safety reasons.
Limestone rocks are towering over the river Wutach.

Up into the forest and down to the river leads the path. 
Often, there are fallen rock pieces on the path, so standing under those stone walls is not recommended 
View back over forest and river.

The flower of a wild rhubarb plant

One of many waterfalls that we pass.

A little chapel in the middle of the forest. Once there was a spa village here, but nature has taken back its territory.
Quite an interesting rock formation

After the canyon, the river is getting broader once more.

After it's been raining for a few hours, there's water everywhere...

Big tree roots are forming natural stairs that make walking up and down a little easier.

These roots have been strong enough to break the rocks apart.


  1. I love the picture of that little chapel, that really reminds me of fairy tale books...

    1. They are trying to raise money to renovate it, but I think it looks just right there, a ruin in the forest - fairy tales :)


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