Saturday, 1 June 2013

A wet day (Gorge Trail 3)

Day number three of my Gorge Trail trip through the black forest began with the murmuring and babbling of the little stream below my window. It already looked pretty cloudy outside, and by the time I had finished breakfast and was ready to go, it started to rain. Still, it was a nice walk, again passing through canyons for some time, and later following a watermill-path.
After walking through the Wutachschlucht (Wutach = name of a river, Schlucht = gorge) yesterday, today I passed through it's little sister, the Haslachschlucht.

I didn't walk the entire third leg of the gorge trail because of the rainy and cold weather, instead, after 13 kilometres I took a bus from the town of Lenzkirch to Schluchsee, a small spa town at the banks of a lake of the same name. After taking some time to look around the shops, I walked to the lakeside and from there took a boat to Aha. After walking another half hour through the rain, I arrived at the farm where I spent the night (a lovely place to be, with the biggest breakfast you can imagine - I will definitely stay there again, next time for longer than just one night (it's only 17€/night if you stay for 3+ days).

Info Day 3
Length: 13 km (+ 2 km to accommodation)
Towns: Lenzkirch, Schluchsee, Aha
Accommodation: Kapellenhof, Schluchsee-Aha (20€)

A broad track leads into the black forest

Translation: "Some believe that the hiker is a sinner, because he doesn't often go to church. But a silent glance towards heaven is better than a false prayer."

The path is getting smaller and wilder.

"Räuberschlössle", the "outlaws' castle" - this used to be a hideout for thieves. Now, only some low stone walls are left.

Higher and higher I go, the stream deep below.
A large wooden bridge I took refuge under from the rain.

This fir tree, the "Stallegger Tanne", is 52 metres high and about 280 years old.

After walking on broad tracks for some time, the paths are becoming more interesting and more exposed. 
The "Rechenfelsen", an ancient rock formation. It's amazing to see the force of water in this way.

Suddenly, a weird sign: "No walking path", next to the actual path (on the right of the tree). I ignored the sign.

The former train station Lenzkirch-Kappel. Now there's a nice bike trail where once rail tracks lay.

Between those rocks used to be an old watermill. From now on I'm following the marked "Mill-path" towards the town of Lenzkirch.

The outskirts of Lenzkirch. After this point, it began to rain again, so not many pictures from the actual town.
For my fellow doctor who fans: ATMOS still exists - in Lenzkirch :)

After taking the bus to Schluchsee : the lake.

From inside the boat.

Despite the rain, quite a few sail boats were out on the water.

My water taxi - I was the only passenger under 70 or so (there was a very large pensioner group from the Netherlands on board).

One last glance back towards the lake - from here it's another mile or so to this night's accommodation.


  1. I hope you had lots of fun on your trip. It seems as beautiful as I pictured it...

    1. Maybe one day we can go to the black forest together...


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