Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A day made up of panoramas (Gorge Trail Day 5)

The fifth day of my gorge trail tour was sunny and warm again, a welcome surprise after the never-ending rain of the day before.
This was my favourite day, mainly because of the magnificent views that I enjoyed for most of the walk. I could even see the snow-covered alps in the distance (the Swiss border was just 25 km away), as well as the black forest's highest peak, the Feldberg. Around midday, the weather was so good that I actually got sunburned - something I put up with in exchange for the sun's warmth and the pictures I shot.

Info Day 5
Length: 20 km
TownsSt.Blasien, Todtmoos
Accommodation: Haus Wießler, Todtmoos-Weg (20 €)

The dome church of St.Blasien.

A beautiful trail through the black forest, but quite steep at times.

One last parting glance back over St.Blasien.

The tower on the peak of the Lehenkopf (1.039m). From here, there are magnificent views over the black forest and the Swiss Alps.

In the distance, you can clearly see the Swiss Alps.
View over the black forest.

A typical dwelling in the black forest area.

The peak (with some small snow blotches) of the Feldberg, not just the highest peak of the black forest, but also of all highlands in Germany (not counting the Alps).

The beautiful Klosterweiher (monastery lake).

An abandoned mining drift, which is now open to the public.

Unfortunately, the lights weren't working inside, so I could not see the rare lichen that supposedly grow in this drift.

Again, a lovely view.

From time to time, I had to cross meadows and pastures. This little calf was quite curious :)

A summit cross on one of the highest points of today's walk. Again, I could see the Alps from here.
The source of the Wehra, a river that will later flow into the Rhine.
The mystical black forest. 

The Wehra is becoming larger.

A "historical beer cellar" near Todtmoos.
A panorama picture of the Swiss Alps, as seen from a viewpoint along the way. Click on the photo to enlarge.

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