Sunday, 30 June 2013

Portfolios for Journalists

I have spent the past few hours creating several portfolios, showcasing my articles and other works. I tried out different providers, and naturally, there are good and less ideal solutions. Here is a little overview over my three favourite ones (all of them free to use):

1. Contently. In my opinion, this is the best and most intuitive portfolio creator. You simply enter publications and links of your clippings, and the website turns them into beautiful tiles, photos included. It also calculates different statistics, e.h. how many words you have published in total (77k in my case), how many followers you have on social networks, etc. Contently is quick, simple, but very effective. Thanks to Juanita for recommending this service.

2. Pressfolios. Similar to Contently, but a little less easy to use. There is a limited number of clippings you can showcase on your individual site. I like that you can create different categories for your articles. Registration is by reservation or invitation only (if you want me to invite you, leave a comment), but I was given access within a few hours.

3. Torial. And finally, there is also one German portfolio creator. It's possible to enter all kinds of different media kinds, including books, videos and radio broadcasts. You can opt to keep your portfolio invisible until it is finished. Torial is still in Beta mode, they plan to add features that will cost something, but so far everything is for free.

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